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3 Marquette vs 14 Davidson: First heartbreak of the tourney

March 21, 2013

Play-by-play/inner monologue of how I felt during the last minute of this game:

1 minute left: Davidson up by 5, at this point I’m congratulating myself on picking the first big upset of the tournament.

Marquette makes a swift and easy 3, but Davidson returns it with a 2 of their own.  Keep it up like that Davidson, and you’ll have it.

CHRIST another 3 from Marquette, so not ideal.

20.2 seconds left: Davidson up by 2, I’m nervous as hell, but I still have faith.  Just answer that 3 with another bucket and you’ll be golden.

5.5 seconds left: Davidson turns it over, only up by 1.  My heart is RACING, praying they’ve got the D to keep Marquette down.

Dammit! They don’t, Marquette with a quick bucket from under the basket.

1 second left: Davidson down by one, Marquette with the steal, and it’s game over, disappointment sets in.


I’m not sure why I got so invested in this game.  I mean, I know I’m a sucker for the underdog but this one got me extra salty.  The last minute was painful to watch, it really looked like Davidson had it, but it slipped through their fingers in a matter of 60 seconds.  That’s all it takes.  


Ah well, c’est la vie, and on to the next one.  I picked Oklahoma State to beat Oregon and it’s not looking good — 51-36 with 11:52 left in the game.  Yikes.




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